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Highland Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd
In 1998, Highland Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sofennie Cosmetic & Jewellery Sdn Bhd) commenced operation in the cosmetic field, making the marks slowly throughout the state in Malaysia. With the support and commitment of its people, the confidence and trust of customers, and the pioneering spirit of management, we poised to meet the challenges of the twenties and beyond.
Truly Borneo Sarawak Pepper
COMMITTED SAFEST PURE PEPPER Sarawak pepper  is well-known as the world's Best quality pepper, an ancient spice with 3,000 years of history, which not only is the Magic Ingredient to your meal, but also the highest nutrient and Safest spice among all sources of pepper. Every single tablespoon of grounded pepper is rich in Vitamin K, Iron, and Manganese which are essential antioxidant nutrients to  reduce gastric inflammation , balance  blood sugar  level, improve  blood circulation , improve  bone health , and more! Among thousands of pepper agricultural farms,  Truly Borneo  is the ONLY peppercorn producer who has been certified by KKM with  Sirim QAS, MesTI, HACCP  and  GMP  at the same time being approved by Jakim with  HALAL  certification as Safest daily consume.
【乐印琥珀】源于1989,中国专业琥珀饰品品牌连锁较早之一。 创于香港 深耕中华,福建乐印珠宝首饰有限公司自成立以来,抓住行业发展机遇,发挥乐印琥珀品牌优势,将天然高品质、高品味、高性价比的琥珀饰品推广宣传到全国各大城市,现已开设品牌专卖店近200家,吸引了众多消费者认识、喜爱、佩戴和收藏关注琥珀饰品,公司力求在消费者认同乐印琥珀这一世界级琥珀饰品品牌的同时,宣传琥珀文化。 2014年乐印签约香港著名影星温碧霞,成为乐印琥珀形象代言人。作为影坛殿堂级美女温碧霞已经成为经典的代名词。她高贵端庄的东方神韵在岁月的洗礼中更加熠熠生辉,光彩夺目。这与“乐印琥珀”呈现给世人的稀世琥珀理念十分相似,数千万年前的树脂在机缘巧合之下,凝固了时间,成为令人惊天的,独一无二的天然珍奇。乐印与温碧霞的携手,将谱写另一段品牌传奇。